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GIS 53 - Assignments

Assignment 10

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Due Date: May 4, 2017
Point Total: 10 points

ArcGIS Online Map/Story Map

Create a story map showing Maryland's Higher Education facilities.

  1. Login to ArcGIS Online and Click on Map
  2. Gather Data at Maryland's Open Data GIS Data Catalog.
    • Specifically get Maryland Education Facilities - Higher Education layers and Maryland State Mask.
      • For each layer copy their GeoService API URL
  3. Load the layers on to the ArcGIS Online map
    1. Click the Add button
    2. Select Add Layer from Web
    3. Select An ArcGIS Server Web Service
    4. Paste the copied GeoService API URL
    5. Remove the text "query" and everything after it
    6. Click Add Layer
  4. Change the symbols and edit the pop-up windows.
  5. Now break the map into two separate maps one for two year schools and one for four year schools.
  6. Create a single story map for these two maps
    1. You do this through the Share button
What to turn in:
  1. Make the map and application public, then email the URL to the instructor



Assignment 9

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Due Date: April 20, 2017
Point Total: 10 points

California Hillshade

For this assignment you will be creating three separate hillshades for California.


  1. Add the California DEM to ArcMap
    1. This DEM is found at to add to ArcMap use the following steps
      1. Click the Add Data button
      2. From the Look in: drop-down choose GIS Servers
      3. Click the Add ArcGIS Server option
      4. Select Use GIS services option and click Next
      5. For the Server URL: type
      6. Do not enter a User Name or Password
      7. Click Finish
      8. Navigate into new connection then open the Earthquakes folder
      9. Add the CaliforniaDEM layer to ArcMap
  2. Create a standard hillshade using the default hillshade tool.
  3. Download and unzip the Terrain Tools found at
  4. Add the toolbox to ArcMap
  5. Create two additional terrain representations using the tools/techniques from the toolbox.
    • Prior to creating your terrain representations be sure to read the documentation found in the Doc folder to understand what each tool actually does.
    • Some of these techniques will be slow due to the amount of processing they do.
What to turn in:
  1. An letter size map for each of these terrain representations along with some reference data overlaid on top of them



Assignment 8

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Due Date: April 13, 2017
Point Total: 10 points

California Missions Legend

For this assignment you will be creating a legend for your California Missions Project. This legend needs to include all elements that you plan to have on your map. It should also reflect the color and symbology your map will use. Make sure you spend time on customizing your symbols and creating a color palette that complements your map's theme.


Assignment 7

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Due Date: April 11, 2017 (beginning of class)
Point Total: 10 points

Generalization Maps

You will create four separate maps of the streets of Sonoma County at different scales. Using the generalization ideas from lecture alter the streets to be appropriate for each scale. Be sure to make four unique copies of the streets layer so changes won't show across all maps. Here are the maps you will be creating:

  1. 1:10,000 scale map for Petaluma area
  2. 1:50,000 scale map for Santa Rosa area
  3. 1:250,000 scale map for Sonoma County
  4. 1:500,000 scale map for Sonoma County

You will turn in the following

  1. The four above mentioned maps
  2. A brief description of the processes used on the street layer for each scaled map.

Assignment 6

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Due Date: March 16, 2017
Point Total: 10 points

  1. Reference Map of California

Reference Map of California:

  • Create a reference map of California. The map will need to show the entire state and can be either tabloid or letter size. 
    • Be sure to incorporate cartographic design principles already taught and proper text placement.
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